Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Overactive let-down

I am taking part in Mothering.com's contest "Blog about Breastfeeding" to celebrate World Breastfeeding week!  Here is the link!  http://www.mothering.com/community/a/blog-about-breastfeeding-and-win   Please feel free to enter-- let's celebrate the humor in breastfeeding!!
When my newest little one was a month old, I took my son (4) and my daughter (2) to the aquarium with my son's preschool class.  I thought I was doing great-- the transition to three was easy!  I had an awesome home water birth, I was breastfeeding great, we were sleeping just fine.  I was a seasoned veteran now at this mothering thing!  No problem.

I strapped my baby to my chest in a mei tai, and held both older kiddos by the hand.  We walked through the parking lot toward the aquarium.  Piece of cake.

Ten minutes later: where's Galilee?  Oh my gosh, I lost her.  Where did she go??  Oh, whew.  She's ok.  Little wanderer.

Time to go to the touch tank!  Yep... those are my awesome kids sitting so nicely, listening to that presentation.  Feeling pretty good about myself as a mom.

Oh no... the baby is fussing.  Go back to sleep, little one!  Hush hush hush.  Rocking, swaying, shushing, soothing... nothing.  Fidget fidget fidget with the mei tai straps... bump the baby down... unlatch my nursing tank... ok... There.  See?  You're ok baby.  Just have a little of mommy's milk.

"WAAAAA" she wails as she pulls off.  Trying so hard to be discreet, I move to the back of the room. The preschool kids are trying to pay attention to the lesson.  My 2 year old keeps getting up.  "Sit down, Galilee" I whisper to her as I am still trying to sooth my newborn.

All of a sudden, I feel the tingly sensation of let-down... but it's too late!  I look down to see my milk spraying, LITERALLY, 3 feet out from my body as it hits a display across the room.  Mortified, I quickly covered my breast with my shirt, averting my eyes and praying my guts out that nobody saw that!  The baby is wailing, my two year old doing a little dance during the presentation, and my rule-following 4 year old grabbing at her to settle her down.  Quite the commotion!

Yep.  Those are my kids.  I've got this mothering thing down!  All the crazy chaos and the ability to just roll with it while eating some humble pie.  :)

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  1. Ha! As someone who experienced the overactive letdown with my second, let me commend you for leaving the house. But seriously, it does seem like the more kids you add the more the controlled chaos veers towards ... chaos.