Friday, April 22, 2011

Breastfeeding Assistance

When I first started working in the nursery, I wasn't yet a mom. I shadowed a couple of nurses as they assisted new moms with breastfeeding and that, I guess, was enough to make me an "expert." HA! I had no idea what I was doing, but was supposed to go help women nurse their newborns. I feel so bad for those moms! Sorry!!!

New moms deserve someone who knows what they're doing to help them!

How can someone teach about something as personal as breastfeeding if they've never tried it before? How can they encourage it and offer empathetic support if they've never experienced it?

I am so grateful for my births. I've had an induction and c/s, and an unmedicated vaginal birth. I've breastfed both of my kids. I've had mastitis. I've pumped (stupid 6 week maternity leave!). I've nursed during pregnancy. I've tandem nursed. I've had cracked and bleeding nipples. I've cried over low milk supply. I've cried over engorgement! I've leaked in public. I've nursed in public (and been accidentally "exposed" in public... in church, no less!). I've had pumped milk leak all over my purse. I've donated milk. Husband even tried making breastmilk yogurt (lol.. it didn't work...). I nursed my very hungry son every hour to two hours for the first 4 days after a c/s until my milk came in. I was exhausted. I've had breastmilk regurgitated onto me more times than I can remember. I've been through it.

No amount of second hand experience can replace first hand experience. I am young and my adventures in breastfeeding are recent and current. I can relate and sympathize. I love making a difference; I am so grateful.

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