Friday, January 18, 2013

Why Hello There!

Oh my!  It has certainly been a while!   I love blogging, but I am not the most disciplined person.  :)

But, Praise God!  I have happy news to report!!!

I am still gloriously and wondrously pregnant at 31 weeks!  We are having a baby GIRL and are due late March.  I am thrilled!

Other than some pubic symphysis pain that slows me up a bit (thank God for my Chiropractor!  a 5 minute adjustment and my pain was completely gone!), I am feeling very well.   And so full of Joy!  Excitement!!

I just reread this from a post from last year:
"In my Bible Study, the author told us: you can pray for your specific miracles... God can answer that prayer or do something BETTER.
I am holding onto that... that God will do something even BETTER in my life. Eventually. In HIS timing."

THIS is my "something better."   I love this baby so much!   I know she would not be here if I had another baby in my arms.   As much as I adored and loved my other babies... I love this baby just as much!  And I know God has something VERY special indeed in store for this baby girl.  My Rainbow baby!!  :)

Still at work... enjoying my job, but it is starting to get physically taxing on my pregnant body!  Standing under radiant warmers for 8 hours and running to and from various birth rooms to attend deliveries is very dehydrating and sometimes causes me to get dizzy and start contracting.  Trying to take very good care of myself and my precious baby while also giving excellent care to my patients!  

Only 2 more months and my baby will be here!  EEK!

Planning a home water birth and I am so excited about it!   This will be a Glory Birth for sure!!!  

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