Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Introduction (or how I became birth-obsessed!)

I realized it was time to start a new blog when my personal blog became completely over-run with birth-related posts! Since not everyone is as in love with birth as I am, I decided to move all of my birth posts here.

First a little introduction to myself: I am a registered nurse currently working in a newborn nursery. I sometimes float to the NICU. My job is to take care of newborns from 2 hours of age until discharge from the hospital. I am now crosstraining to attend deliveries and take care of infants immediately following birth. In nursing school, I did a preceptorship in Labor and Delivery at a high risk perinatal center and saw a lot of "interesting" births.

I had my first birth in 2008. My son was born via emergency C/S after pushing for 3 hours (pitocin induction for oligohydramnios with subsequent epidural for those excruciating pitocin contractions which caused a posterior fetal presentation). It was a horrible experience that left me struggling with PPD. Twenty-two months later, in June 2010, I had my very own "glory birth" - the empowering and healing natural hospital VBAC of my 9 lb 7.8 oz daughter. This birth was incredible!

When the kids are older, it is my intent to go back to school and get my masters to become a CNM. My personal experiences have shaped me and changed me and I feel absolutely compelled to assist women in their birthings. I want help them achieve that immense personal satisfaction that I felt after my natural birth, and avoid the bitterness, guilt, and depression of birth trauma that I experienced after my C/S.

This is a place to organize and share my thoughts as I journey toward birth work and reflect on my own birth experiences.

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