Friday, August 20, 2010

Patient Story: Repeat C/S gone wrong

I met a very nice couple who had recently birthed their second baby. The baby was perfect and just so sweet. The mom, however, was very very frustrated with her experience and when I found out why, I was so so sad for her.

She had a routine scheduled repeat c-section. Not an emergency. No rush. It was supposed to be "controlled" and "relaxed". However, during the surgery, the mother apparently overheard her OB telling the resident "No! Stop! You're cutting too much!" which, as you can imagine, was very distressing for this poor mother who was strapped down, helpless, to the operating table. Apparently, the bladder was cut. In a botched attempt to repair the damage, the bladder was accidentally sutured to the uterus (how does that happen????). They didn't realize the mistake until the day after the birth, when the mom complained of tremendous pain and had terrible hematuria. Her foley bag was bright red with blood. They took her back in, opened her back up, and fixed the misplaced suture. This was quite the traumatic experience for the mom, who then had to pump and dump her breast milk because the antibiotic she is on (adding insult to injury).

I just feel so sorry for her. This never should have happened.

Cesareans are major surgeries. Risks are very real.

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