Monday, September 20, 2010

Love Fest

There is a nurse that works per diem in my unit at my hospital and she also works full time at the hospital where I delivered my 2nd baby. I didn't know many people that worked at that hospital, so I was very pleasantly surprised when my coworker walked into the delivery room as I was birthing my baby to be the newborn nurse. There were only five people in that quiet and dim room- my husband and myself, my nurse, my midwife, and the newborn nurse. Immediately after Lilee was born, I was so completely overcome with "love hormones" that I began proclaiming my love for everyone in the room! It was so crazy- it was like I had to fall in love with everyone nearby! That oxytocin is strong stuff!

Anyway... I saw my coworker for the first time since the birth last night and I was just so shocked at how much I wanted to talk to her and be around her. I didn't know her too well before the birth, but now, after she attended my birth, I just feel so connected to her. It's so interesting to think about how something as personal and intimate as birth can bring two people together! That (natural) oxytocin (NOT pitocin!) is so good at causing bonding to occur- not just between mother and baby, but everyone else in the room. It's kind of like how a baby duck imprints to the first thing he sees (usually his mother). I felt bonded to everyone I saw immediately after the birth. Another reason to choose your birth team wisely!

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